Medicare Supplements

Medicare Supplements

Your Perfect Fit for Medicare Supplements

Choosing the right health insurance policy can be a difficult job. This choice is never more important than when you sign up for a Medicare Supplement.

For many people, Medicare begins the month they turn age 65. Approaching retirement age calls for making decisions that help you to MAINTAIN YOUR LIFESTYLE.

As we get older, the chance of needing medical care increases. The cost of hospital stays, ambulance, and surgery fees can add up quickly. The worry about how to pay the bills can be dealt with through wise insurance planning. Medicare Supplements fill in many of the gaps in Medicare Part A and Part B coverage.

Act now to protect yourself against rising medical costs with the purchase of a quality Medicare Supplement.

Medicare Supplement DEFINITIONS in Plain English

Some insurance terms such as Deductibles and Coinsurance will work differently once you are on Medicare.


Before going on Medicare, a Deductible was the amount of money a patient paid out-of-pocket each year. Then their health insurance paid its part of the claim.

Once on Medicare, they will set the Deductibles. You buy a Medicare Supplement that will pay those Deductibles for you.


The same is true of Coinsurance. Before going on Medicare, the patient paid this amount out-of-pocket. Their insurance policy then paid its share of the claim.

Once on Medicare, they will set the Coinsurance amounts. You buy a Medicare Supplement that will pay the Coinsurance for you.

A Coinsurance charge can be a percentage or a fixed dollar amount. For instance: A charge of 20% of the amount Medicare approves, or a fixed dollar amount per day while hospitalized.

Every year, Medicare changes the amount of these charges. When this happens, your Medicare Supplement automatically makes those changes. Due to this, there is no need to buy new insurance every year.