Individual Health Insurance

Individual Health Insurance


Your Perfect Fit for Individual Health Insurance

Providing well for your loved ones includes giving them access to quality medical care. Doctor visits, ambulance fees, and surgery costs can add up rapidly. Wise planning can eliminate this worry. Individual Health Insurance is an important part of that plan.

Health insurance laws are more complex now than ever before. Updates to these laws tend to happen frequently. We can put all of this into PLAIN ENGLISH. Let us help you decide on the policy that is a perfect fit for you and your family.

Act now to protect yourself against the rising cost of medical expenses with an Individual Health Insurance policy.

Choosing an Individual Health Insurance Policy

When selecting an insurance policy, you must be able to use it where you live. Check to be sure the doctors and hospitals you use will accept the new insurance policy. Also check out the hospital you will use for surgery or other advanced medical care. If your doctor won’t take it, don’t buy it!

Prescription drugs can be a major part of your budget. Make sure your current medications will be covered under a new policy before you buy it. Also make certain that the pharmacy you like to use will accept that insurance. If you overlook these important points, you will end up paying your prescription drug bills out-of-pocket.

Health insurance policies vary in the size of their Deductibles. You pay the Deductible out-of-pocket. The insurance policy then pays its portion of the claim. Some insurance policies pay on average 90% of a bill while you pay 10%. Others will pay 80/20%, and still others will pay 70/30%. Some insurance policies require you to pay Co-Insurance, such as 10% or 30%, after a Deductible on certain medical services. Some policies also contain Co-Pay amounts, which is a fixed amount per covered medical service, such as $20 or $50, after a Deductible.

Of major importance is the Maximum Out-of-Pocket amount. This is the amount of money you have to pay every year on medical services in addition to your premium.